Sanjjanaa Galrani's Mother Kept Away from Sets for Kissing SceneExploitation and sexual harassment find their way when an arrogant person sees the vulnerable victim who is at his/her mercy. Little did Sanjjannaa Galrani know that she would be exploited by her debut Kannada movie director when she was only 15 years old, studying 11th grade then.

It was the remake of Bollywood movie ‘Murder’ that had many intimate kissing and love making scenes. Sanjjannaa was told that it would be tweaked as per the South Indian tastes and there would be only one kissing scene. Contrary to the promise he made, the director shot for numerous kissing scenes focusing on her chest and legs in a vulgar manner.

He even kept her mother away whenever he filmed the kissing scenes on the teenage actress who was threatened that he would finish off her career if she didn’t listen to him. Back then, Sanjjannaa was frightened but gradually found out that there are people like him everywhere in our society. Film industry is not the only place where there is exploitation. In fact, the actress thinks that film industry is a good place for women who want to be independent and popular.