Sanjay Dutt's staff get emotional!
Renowned Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, who is at present serving his time in the Yerwada prison in Pune, receives a meager sum of Rs 4000 for monthly allowance in the jail from his family. The actor, who has had all the comforts in life and has around 32 staff members waiting on him at home, has been coping through pretty well. However his helpers were disappointed on knowing his monthly allowance and even broke down.

A source close to the actor stated that Dutt is only allowed to accept a money order worth Rs 4,000 from his family. The actor who is known for his bigheartedness usually gave his staff 4000 or 5000 Rs occasionally apart from their income so when they learned that Sanjay is just allowed to get Rs4000 allowance, they couldn’t hold themselves and broke down.