Renowned actor Sanjay Dutt who was recently sentenced to imprisonment will be surrendering on 16th May and will probably be assigned to do the task of cooking for his time in the prison. The actor who usually earned money in crores because of his acting will now be paid a meager sum of Rs 25 for his daily work in the prison.

The job options in a prison include being a carpenter, carpet maker, be a cook or work in a leather workshop. A prisoner can choose the job he wishes to excel in and after mastering in the field they get a pay raise. The last time he served imprisonment; Dutt did the task of a carpenter and made a chair.

Other shortcomings of being in jail include visiting only 5 family members in a month for just 20 minutes each. An allowance of Rs 1500 will also be given to him from his family apart from what gets he from the job.