Sanjay Dutt starves himself with worry!

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, who was sentenced to a 42-month imprisonment last year for possessing illegal weapons, is currently on Parole as his wife Manyata Dutt is hospitalized and we hear the condition is not too good. The actor has been next to her for the last two days in the hospital and has had some emotional breakdowns as well.

His wife had a collapsed lung due to which she was rushed to the hospital at first but now it seems its far more than that. The latest we hear is that Manyata’s tumor is not cancerous however a worried Sanjay has been keeping himself starved with concern over her health. The actor is a staunch believer of the Hindu God Lord Ganesha and we hear that he will visit the famous Siddivinayak Temple. The actor has also filed for an extension to his parole considering his wife’s condition.