Sandeep-Reddy-Vanda---Kabir-SinghArjun Reddy has come as a kingmaker for Sandeep Vanga and Vijay Deverakonda like a right hit at right time. There has not been such a movie which could come anywhere nearby in terms of script and the storyline at that time in Telugu.

Now that the Hindi version of the film is getting ready for a grand release in B-Town, the director speaks of the effect of Dev D another Bollywood film starring Abhay Deol came in 2009 that runs around the story of a man with love failure and how he finds his love back.

Sandeep says Dev D is nowhere going to have an effect on Kabir Singh for this story is totally different and is about a heartbroken man with anger issues while Dev D is about a self-centered man who knows what is love and what is lust.

The director is pretty confident to pull off the film just as he did in Telugu revealing that there are not many changes in terms of script and storyline but the topography, the language, the man and the songs. Sandeep seems pretty confident for his Hindi version too just like Shahid who was determined to own the Kabir Singh character and put it on screen in his style. The film is going to hit screens on June 21st and let’s see if it is going to make people talk about it for years there just as Arjun Reddy did here.