Sandeep Vanga’s Work Inspired a Real Murder?

Sandeep Reddy Vanga Director Arjun ReddySandeep Reddy Vanga who turned heads both south and north with one story has been fighting controversies around the film in both the industries and yet both his films, Arjun Reddy in Telugu and Kabir Singh in Hindi gave him immense popularity and box office collections. Well, while everybody thinks it is all over now and people have passed the Kabir Singh misogynistic controversy, the director fell in mess again with murder inspiration.

This TikTok guy named Ashwani Kumar is known as Johnny Dada on the app and became famous for his villain acts plus his obsession for Kabir Singh and the character’s aggressive nature but least people expected him to be a real villain in the real world. Turns out he is wanted as an accused of murdering three people one being his lover. He who posted hints in his videos that people are going to witness what havoc he is and killed his lover and shot himself with a gun when police tried to catch him on Friday.

Well, looking at that, people now started over again on Sandeep Reddy Vanga and his Kabir Singh claiming that his film provoked Johnny to go out and kill people that too his video mouthing the dialogue from the film, “Jo mera nahin ho sakta, usse kisi aur ke hone ka mauka nahin doonga” is being linked to him killing his lover.

Now reacting to the same, Sandeep disgusts the allegations saying his film both versions has never instigated any murders but his lead man was only self-destructive and did not kill anybody. Well, he has his defense and people have their reasons for revulsion.

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