Kabir-Singh---Sandeep-Reddy-Vanga-Interview Rajeev MasandWhat should one do when someone gets a phenomenal success like Kabir Singh? It always pays to be humble and thankful. Sandeep Reddy Vanga may not have changed post success, but his latest sets of interviews are making him look like a fool nationally.

One must realise that a single critic or group of critics can’t make or break a film. If that were the case, the results of many films would have been different commercially. It has never been that way. They only offer a collective voice on a particular subject. Anyone more interested to observe can go deeper and see individual opinions. It is only to understand a ‘different’ perspective.

To then call them by names, mock them is not done. Sandeep Reddy calling a critic like Rajeev Masand, after failing to remember his name multiple times, fat guy with salt and pepper beard is straight up offensive.

The said critic will have his good or bad days, but that doesn’t deserve a name calling like that or parasites etc. Remember, if not for them, the movie wouldn’t have got that publicity in the first. The box office success does not discredit them or gives director ammunition to further fire on them.

Also, one can defend one’s film by talking about it alone and the ideas and the thought that went behind the said movie. It will help make people understand it more. How does criticising another film Sanju make Kabir Singh better? People have had criticised that as well.

Just remember, one doesn’t have to change natural persona to appeal to someone or a new audience while putting across the point. But it still helps to stick to the point and talk rather than point fingers at others in defence. The former category is always a better position to be in as success is not a permanent thing in movies.