Reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Sana Khan, who had been accused of kidnapping a teenage girl and was reported missing, talked to a national newspaper and denied the accusations. According to her version, she was not involved in the abduction and that this was all just a publicity stunt.

The actress who is starring in Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Mental’ declared that she had nothing to do with the kidnapping and she was not on the run but was working. She said that she was here all the while shooting for her films and doing performances at live events.

She talked to the daily saying that the accusations are totally false and it is a way to gain money from her. She went to the girl’s house only to meet her mother, a huge fan of the former, and her cousin Naved and the friend did not come inside. She met the girl at an ice-cream parlor and the evidence can be easily found with the help of the CCTV of the building in which the minor resides.