Sana Khan miffed with Salman Khan

Sana Khan these days is miffed with Salman Khan and she is making no bones about it either. The actress who has been seen mostly in blink and miss appearances so far in Hindi cinema got the biggest chance in her career so far to star in Salman Khan’s recent release Jai Ho. The actress expected the movie to be a big turning point in her career as she was promised a good role in the film. But it turns out that he part was chopped off from the film and in the end what is remaining was a mere extended appearance like few of her previous attempts.

She was disappointed naturally when she saw her part in the final outcome and hence her ire on Salman these days. It is evidently more at Salman because apparently the star promised her good launch pad to the film and even asked her not to get over exposed prior to the release of the film. While the film proved to be a launch pad it turned out to be for Daisy Shah and thanks to the suggestion of not getting over exposed, she lost a lucrative deal to appear in a show. So she has lost on all sides courtesy Salman and his film Jai Ho. No wonder she is extremely vocal about the disappointment.