Kobbari-Matta---Sampoornesh-BabuSampoornesh Babu is not just one of those comedy actors in the film industry who made a fool out of himself with all his films, but he has become a brand for that sort. People laugh just taking his name and he has never taken back by the mean criticism and now his Kobbari Matta video song teaser released from his upcoming film is taking everybody by great surprise.

Look at the comments that people are showering on the floor dance that Sampoo perfectioned, actually, better than many in the same industry. Well, he got all the sarcastic appreciation all this time but this response for his floor dance there is real and that step is really unexpected to come from a guy like Sampoornesh Babu.

The song too, which just had the alphabets of the Telugu literature has also impressed a good number of Telugu people who are going gaga over the Hrudaya Kaleyam hero’s act. Watch it and let us know what you think about Sampoo’s moves for A.AA..E…Eee…song.