Sampoornesh Babu wins the hearts
Sampoornesh Babu who has made his debut with the film Hrudaya Kaleyam has won the hearts of the people. It’s not due to his acting skills or any other attributes but due to the sincerity. Sampoornesh Babu oozed sincerity in every frame of the film that had people bow to him by the end of the show. The confidence with which he has carried all the mundane has made people like him a lot after the release.

Thanks to such appreciation Sampoornesh Babu is getting, the film too is being seen in a different light with a lot of positivity. Despite the limited release the film is drawing in crowd and is standing out among the deluge of films released over the past few weeks. With another film already in planning, let’s see if Sampoornesh is able to maintain same level of innocence in his performance.