Sampoornesh Babu Is The Face Behind the Rakshaka Bhatudu Movie Mystery?Sampoornesh Babu Is The Face Behind the Rakshaka Bhatudu Movie Mystery?Nowadays it became a norm in the industry to be in the news by creating some kind of buzz related to an upcoming movie. The makers of ‘Raksha Bhatudu’ also had a novel strategy with them and they decided to promote the film by not revealing the name of the hero.

Well, that worked in their favour and they are managing to be in the news if not a huge buzz. Posters, promotional interviews etc. are done without revealing the hero’s name. There emerged some reports in the media that Sampoornesh Babu could be the face of the hero in the film.

In the posters, we have seen a cop pic in which the face is hidden and Lord Hanuman’s face is used instead. The makers of the movie are happy to maintain the secrecy. If Sampoornesh aka Narasimha Chary is playing the hero in this movie, one can expect the actor’s typical style of overboard comedy. Let’s see.