Sammohanam---Mohan-Krishna-IndragantiIt was there right from the day Mohana Krishna Indraganti expressed his opinion on sub-standard reviews and their impact on the overseas audiences who choose to watch a film on the basis of reviews and ratings as it’s a long travel and expensive thing for them to go to theatres in the US.

The same thing came out in ‘Sammohanam‘. Though the director didn’t take any dig at the reviewers in a harsh way, he had a couple of scenes filmed on Sudheer Babu and friends making fun of websites that write random stuff. He touched the subject in a subtle way but not in a hurting way.

Sudheer friends’ batch thinks of starting a website and write some random gossips. Mohana Krishna’s ideas from one of his interviews on the NRIs following the websites giving sub-standard reviews has found its way into ‘Sammohanam’. A brief one for bringing out humour.