Sammathame-Trailer-TalkThe trailer of young actors Kiran Abbavaram and Chandini Chowdary’s Sammathame was unveiled a short while ago and it promises a youthful love drama.

The trailer starts off with the establishment of the hero’s character. The sole aim for him is to marry a girl. “Getting a girl is the goal of my life” Kiran says in the trailer and that depicts the theme of the film.

The dialogues are aimed at the youth and the conversations between Kiran and Chandini Chowdary cater to the youth.

While the theme – a bit madly in love with a girl and a few hiccups along the way is familiar, the important thing here will be the screenplay and the emotional core.

The background score for the trailer is apt. The film is directed by Gopinath Reddy and produced by Kanakala Praveena.