Sameera-ReddySameera Reddy who started opposite Chiranjeevi in Jai Chiranjeeva has been a busy actress back then in the south and also has done quite a few films in Hindi too.

Now the actress has been enjoying her second pregnancy just like she wants to by flaunting the bump of joy all around as she posts pictures online and giving interviews where she revealed about the instances of inappropriate approaches that she faced in the industry.

Sharing her opinion if there is one thing that she would want to see a change in the film industry, Sameera says, they should know what to expect from a woman and stop looking at a woman just as an object of glamour, confessing that she faced those inappropriate approaches.

Ever since casting couch has come out wide open, many actresses are opening up on their bitter experiences in the industry. Well, coming back to Sameera Reddy, she was last seen in the Kannada film Varadhanayaka and is due for her delivery in July.