Samantha-Ruth-Prabhu_Chitti-babuOnce upon-a-time producer and now jobless, Chittibabu has been targetting Samantha and spewing venom against her on YouTube for the last few days. He made some statements about Samantha, especially about her latest release Shaakuntalam which were in bad taste.

He made rather rude statements in the media saying that Samantha is finished, and she cannot get back to stardom. He also accused Samantha of trying to ‘gain sympathy.’

Obviously, an annoyed Samantha took to Instagram to share a post that seemed to be hinting at Chittibabu and his ear hair. She shared a Google query screenshot, “How do people have hair growing from…” it partially read. The answer she got was about how increased testosterone leads to hair growth in the ears.

Samantha’s anger is totally justified. She has endured enough in the past two years and hearing scathing comments from a nobody like Chittibabu is the last thing anyone can expect.

But because of her response, once again a person like Chittibabu got more free publicity, which is exactly what such people look for. Such people always look out for cheap publicity and attention as they have nothing to do in life. By responding to such people, Samantha has given importance to him and his idiotic statements.