Samantha's Divorce: Sumanth's VersionSumanth is in the news as his new film Malli Modalaindi has released on Zee 5 a few days back. He has now opened up about Chay-Sam‘s divorce for the first time.

Sumanth says whatever has happened is very unfortunate and the family members are deeply hurt and decided to give Chay space in his life and not talk about it much in front of him.

Sumanth also adds that the best part of the divorce is that things were done in an amicable manner and either Sam or Chay did not get much hurt with the bold step as it was taken for the good of them both.

The manner in which the media highlighted the divorce is nothing wrong says Sumanth. As his family has multiple public figures, one cannot hide what is going on and such things need to be ignored and move on to life.

Sumanth also adds that he too was disappointed and shocked at the news but he never asked Chay or Sam about what happened between them as it is their personal life and one needs to respect it.