On the day most Telugu folks are awaiting the most anticipated Telugu film Manam, featuring actors from all the three generations of Akkineni family, Samantha’s comment about the film in recent interview has caused havoc. On asked about working in the film, Sam said casually that she would have worked in the film even though it didn’t star the Akkinenis.

While Sam meant to say that she loved the film’s script so much that she would do the film with anybody, but fans of the Akkineni have been under the assumption that the actress has insulted the Akkineni family by saying that the they were not important in the film. Hours before the release of the film worldwide this statement of Samantha has caused a lot of controversy. Looks like Sam has unnecessarily attracted criticism by fans for saying things she would either say it clearly or not say at all. Now, she has to come forward and we will have to see what Sam has to say in her defense because the Akkineni fans will definitely be looking forward to a clarification from her.