Samantha is always known for her charitable side along with her success in movies. She had celebrated Children’s day among children suffering from cancer in Banjara Hills Care Hospital. She inquired about the health of every one and distributed sweets and gifts to them then. And now the actress had repeated the same feat. She had celebrated Christmas with the ailing women and children of Pratyusha Foundation.
It is known that Pratyusha Foundation was started by Samantha herself with the help of three doctor friends. Dr. Manjula takes care of cervical cancer for women. Dr. Pamela takes care of lifelong diseases like hemophilia and thalassemia for kids. Dr. Sirish takes care of kids who are affected by cancer at an early age. The bigger side of this is they are not planning to run this foundation on donations and Samantha is providing the entire financial support.

Samantha's Christmas Celebrations