Samantha-Vs-Naga-Chaitanya--Fights-Turn-Silent-ConversationsIn every relationship, cropping up differences are a common thing and the durability of the relationship depends on how people sort out their differences that crop eventually. How do Samantha and Naga Chaitanya deal with the fights between them?

Do they shout at each other or throw things at each other or else hurl abuses? Sam said that they never shout at each other. However big a fight might be, she and her husband sit beside each other and sort out the things between them. They talk in such subtle tone that no one can even guess that they had a fight.

In fact, marriage has changed her a lot and her anger levels have done down a lot. It’s a good thing that Sam and Chai had worked out something that would work for their relationship, in the long run. The way the duo had taken things in their stride makes Nagarjuna feel proud of Sam and always addresses her, ‘Kodalaa!”. Very sweet!