Samantha-Siddarth-Mahesh-BabuOne poster and one comment and we are witnessing one controversy that has blown completely out of proportions. Actress Samantha ‘without actually naming the film’ commented on its poster and termed it regressive. The next thing we know is that fans of actor Mahesh Babu had swarmed her with vicious comments. They took the social networking site with a never seen before aggression and it was followed by an equally strong reply from the fans of Samantha as well.

And amidst all this it must be confessed, we are left clueless. For starters the actress didn’t even name the film, what if tomorrow she says she did not mean the Mahesh Babu starrer and it was some other film? But that is not the real question that needs to be asked here, the real question is how everyone came to the conclusion that the ‘regressive’ comment was targeted towards 1 Nenokkadine. How could fans and people believe that the comment was made on 1 Nenokkadine when it wasn’t explicitly mentioned? Logically thinking don’t you think this leads to the conclusion that the fans too felt the same about the poster and hence a strong resistance and support to their favorite star’s film. If they hadn’t why should they care about a random comment made by an actress?

Now, finally looking into what started this all- the poster. The poster of 1 Nenokkadine depicted a women (heroine) kneeling behind and man (hero) and following him like a pet would. That is seriously regressive and a bad design which many in the film fraternity (besides Samantha) have pointed out as well. However the blame, if at all one has to, should be completely blamed on the director, we feel. The director had in the past done something similar only the male and female positions were reversed. Remember this is the director that also gets the credit of making an ultimate film featuring a stalker protagonist and later turning the stalker almost into a psychotic persona for its sequel. Given this past one could clearly say that it is his mentality that is behind such creativity and so if there is any blame should be directed at him.

At the end of the day, it’s the movies we are talking about. There are numerous films made with countless possibilities of offence. If one goes on pointing all those that is not going to provide any solution to any problem ever. Mostly it is the big stars that get easily sensationalized in such issues and hence they need to be extremely careful with such things. Fans should be even more cautious at such times as all they do with their rant is redirect all that hate to their favorite star. Is that going to benefit their favorite hero any which way? Director Maruthi has made vulgar films and he got such a reputation among the audience too, by comparing to him or bringing other such past references as defense, isn’t your favorite star dragged to that level? We hope that the pointless rant on the social media sites ends soon and everyone moves on with their work. What do you think on the issue, whom do you support? Share us your thoughts.