Samantha--YashodaSamantha has been diagnosed with myositis, an auto-immune condition. A few specialist doctors have thrown some light on this disease.

According to them, myositis is basically an autoimmune disorder where the patient’s body immunity injures a muscle from outside or gets inflamed. There is difficulty in getting up and also changing sleep positions in bed. This disorder can also affect the respiratory system if not given appropriate treatment on time.

The common thing which the doctors advised Samantha is to avoid stress at all costs. But when you are an actress and that too a top one, stress becomes a part and parcel of your life.

Samantha has a release coming up next month, Yashoda. The film is a female-oriented thriller and Samantha is the biggest and sole USP of the film. The makers are expecting Samantha’s name will drag the audience into the theaters. The entire responsibility of making Yashoda run is on the shoulders of Sam.

This is her first release post-Divorce and there is a section of people who would want her to fail and fall, for whatever reasons.

All these factors are enough to get Samantha stressed out completely. But Samantha needs to go easy on Yashoda. Nothing is more important than health and life. Films come and go…life doesn’t!