Samantha-underwearSamantha undisputedly had emerged as the business endorsement queen from South films with reputed brands at her disposal. Lately, we are seeing her everywhere on televsion in these brand advertisements. The latest, a popular English daily wrote an article with title ‘Samantha to endorse inner wear brand’.

She wrote, “Wowww wowww DC you should pat yourselves on the back for ‘ABSOLUTELY NOTHING’. yet again we have really accurate reporting. NOT.” Samantha’s sarcasm is very much evident on the popular daily’s accuracy of reporting crash news which is mere gossips.

This is not the first time that Sammy was miffed with the popular English Daily. Earlier she went harsh on the news related to her break up with her alleged boyfriend Sidharth. She had problems with the article because it made seem like Samantha is the victim in the break up.