Samantha Ruth Prabhau - Naga ChaitanyaEver since Samantha made her divorce official, it opened to a barrage of comments, speculations and many pointing fingers at her accusing her to be the reason behind the split. Apart from the blame game, many theories also circulated about Samantha.

One of the most talked-about speculations behind the split is said to be that Samantha never wanted children. While the actress has reacted strongly to all the rumors a day back by giving a strong statement, now for the first time someone from the industry has come out in support of the actress.

Neelima Guna, the producer of Shakuntalam, has come in support of the actress who brushed off the rumour that the actress didn’t have the intention of having a family. Reportedly, Samantha had rejected the Shakuntalam as she had plans to start a family.

The producer reportedly said that the only condition she came on board for Shakuntalam was that she informed them to wrap in three months. Her portions were wrapped by Gunasekhar in three months.

There was also a talk that Samantha won’t be taking any new projects after Shakuntalam. Well, stereotypically, it is the women who face the brunt and are judged without actually knowing the true reason. The actress who once wanted to go on vacation is now back to work.