Samantha Ruth PrabhuRight now, Samantha Ruth Prabhu is busy promoting her upcoming mythological drama film, Shaakuntalam, which is directed by Gunasekhar. She gets to play the title role in a genre that is completely new to her.

Her promotions are happening not just in the Telugu states but also up north as she has become a household name thanks to Pushpa’s Oo Antava Mava song and Family Man 2. She is also coming up with the Hindi version of Citadel, where she is cast opposite Varun Dhawan.

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While her role in Shaakuntalam will be a totally novel experience, during the promotion of the film in the north, Samantha was asked if her life had changed after becoming a pan-India star. Samantha was candid and replied, “Somebody should tell my dogs that I am a star. I still clean their poop. I am a star till 6 PM. After that, my life is very normal.”

Well, surely that was a totally out-of-heart answer. But coming to her rescue was her producer Dil Raju who said that Samantha had come full 360 degrees by portraying different roles in different genres, which showcases her versatility.

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Shaakuntalam releases worldwide on April 14th in 3d and 2D.

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