Samantha_Ruth_Prabhu_TrollsSamantha had been going through a lot lately. She had been receiving treatment for Myositis and also working on regaining her charm and facial beauty after the extensive treatment and medication.

But that isn’t stopping a section of netizens from making derogatory and provocative comments on Sam. Incidentally, a netizen commented that Samantha had lost her charm and glory after starting treatment for Myositis.

Sam had a thoughtful and sharp repy to the troll who’s only aim appears to be gain attention on social media.

“I pray you never have to go through months of treatment and medication like I did ..
And here’s some love from me to add to your glow” Sam replied to this offensive troll who commented about her charm and glow.

Sam’s reply is now going viral on social media and the vast majority of the social media users are siding with her on the same. Passing senseless comments on the beauty of a woman who only recently underwent extensive medical treatment is stooping to new lows. Sam has shut the same with her reply now.