samantha ruth prabhu nithin reddyNithin is going to team up with Samantha very soon for Trivikram’s film. Meanwhile he is busy with Akhil’s film and also enjoying the bromance between them. When Nithin happened to ask Akhil, how much he loves Nithin, Akhil says he can’t express how much he loves Nithin.

Following this conversation on Twitter, Samantha made fun of the chemistry between Nithin and Akhil and advised Nithin to think about his chemistry with her, which would make a blockbuster film. Nithin didn’t give up and asked her to stop playing villain for the bromance between the two stars.

Sam didn’t keep quiet, made immense fun asking excuse while she throws up (vomits). Nithin ended up saying that Samantha is jealous. All this happened in a lighter vein and finally Samantha ended with a serious note wishing them all the best for their Deepavali release ‘Akhil, The Power of Jua’. Well, that was a sweet fight between the actors.