Samantha-Ruth-Prabhu-Temple-Andhra-PradeshThere are occasions in the past when actresses used to get their own temples. This culture is popular in Tamil Nadu. The likes of Khushboo, Nidhhi Agerwal, and Hansika already have temples for them in Tamil Nadu.

But now, this culture has started off in Andhra Pradesh as star actress Samantha is getting a temple of her own, built by her ardent fan.

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Going into the story, Sandeep, a Bapatla resident is an ardent follower of Samantha. His admiration for Samantha is to a scale where he went on a pilgrimage to Tirupati, Chennai, and Nagapatnam after hearing about Samantha’s Myositis condition, praying for her wellbeing.

Now, in a new development, Sandeep has built a temple for Samantha at his house in Bapatla. He has completed the construction of the enclosure and even has an idol of Samantha prepared.

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Sandeep plans to open this Samantha temple on the 28th of April, marking the occasion of Sam’s birthday.

Sandeep is a fanatic of Sam and he was apparently distraught when he learned about the latter’s sickness. He reportedly prayed to build a temple for Sam if she recovers and he is doing the same now.

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