Samantha Ruth PrabhuStar actress Samantha recently announced that she had been suffering from Myositis, a rare medical condition that affects the muscular functioning of a person. She had been staying away from social media for a fair while as well.

Cut to now, Sam has shared her first photo after the recent announcement about her medical condition. These pics are from the promotional campaign of her upcoming film, Yashoda.

“Like my good friend @rajndk Raj says , no matter what the day is like, and how shitty things are, his motto is to Shower Shave Show up !!
I borrowed it for a day ♥️ For #yashodathemovie promotions .. see you on the 11th” Sam captioned the new set of snaps. She is seen in a black outfit and with goggles.

A few netizens have commented that Samantha’s facial features have changed noticeably. But it needs to be understood that Sam had been through a lot lately, given the medical condition.

The actress has apparently recorded a common interview with Suma for Yashoda and the same will be made live very soon as the film heads for release on 11th November.