Shaakuntalam-Samantha-Ruth-PrabhuSamantha is keenly awaiting the release of her upcoming film, Yashoda. But she is unable to promote the film due to her underlying medical condition – Myositis. The actress is not in the right physical condition to take part in the promotional campaigns. Her unavailability impacted Yashoda’s promotions.

Samantha’s next release is Shakuntalam. Much like Yashoda, Samantha is the sole star in Shakuntalam as well. She is the only pulling factor in the film.

Shakuntalam is a mighty important film for the director Gunasekhar not just because he is badly in need of a hit but also because he has heavily invested in the project and whirlwind promotions are a must for it. For that to happen, Sam should be fully fit and ready to aggressively promote the film.

Initially, Shakuntalam was supposed to release on November 11, the very day Yashoda is releasing. But the makers postponed the release. It was announced that the postponement is due to the pending post-production and development of the 3D version, but the talk now is that Sam’s unavailability is the reason behind the postponement.

Gunasekhar should now be really anxious about Sam’s health condition. He would be hoping she fully recovers by then and actively promotes the film.