Samantha-Ruth-Prabhu-Hospital-Very recently, Samantha opened up about her medical condition. The actress revealed that she is suffering from Myositis, a condition that affects the muscular functioning of an individual. Cut to now, multiple rumors pertaining to Sam’s current condition have surfaced on social media.

Since earlier today, there have been rumors claiming that Samantha is unwell now and she has been rushed to a hospital in Hyderabad as her Myositis condition deteriorated.

However, Samantha’s personal team has denounced the rumors. They have confirmed that Samantha is not in the hospital and there is no reason to worry. Sam’s manager confirmed that she is in her house now and is doing perfectly fine.

Following the rumors, Sam’s fans grew worried about her and started tweeting “Get well soon Samantha” on Twitter. But going by the latest clarification from Sam’s personal team, there is nothing to worry about and Sam is perfectly alright.