Samantha Removes 'Akkineni' From Her NameStar actress Samantha Akkineni has given a shock to her fans and also to people in general. Wondering what is it all about? The actress has removed her surname from her Twitter and Instagram handle.

Samantha after her marriage changed her social media handles to Samantha Akkineni, but now her two handles only read as ‘S @Samanthaprabhu2’. However, her Facebook profile continues to have Akkineni in it.

Meanwhile, Samantha removing her last name from her handle has raised eyebrows and many tongues are wagging. A section of fans have shooted questions to Samantha asking the reason behind it, while others are wondering what is brewing between Naga Chaitanya and Samantha.

While a spell of doubt is there on Sam-Chay’s relationship, the name change may also be in connection to her upcoming film, Shakuntalam. The actress may have only put ‘S’ on her handle in connection to the mythological film. Well, we could only keep guessing until Samantha herself makes a revelation behind this. What do you have to say, folks?