Samantha Provides Best Opportunity For Senior Director Samantha will be next seen in Gunasekhar’s Period film, Shakuntalam. The movie is Samantha’s maiden Period film and has completed just before the actress’s divorce has become official. Since then, Samantha is in news for all possible reasons.

Every slightest movement of the actress has become a big news. Moreover, it is not just about Telugu media, the media across the country are reporting news about Samantha. Probably, that can be a big boon for Director Gunasekhar.

This period is a perfect time for the senior director to start Shakuntalam promotions and create some buzz for the film. Gunasekhar has only directed three films after 2006. Shakuntalam is the fourth film. His last film, Rudhramma Devi released in 2015. This film is so important for Guna to extend his career.

Since it is a Period movie, Shakuntalam can get visibility across the country due to Samantha’s issue and may be even good offers from other languages. Gunasekhar should not lose this opportunity.