Samantha: Only Star To Control YouTube MafiaThere is a mafia on YouTube in the name of a media. This mafia has become a pain for the film industry for coming up with vulgar thumbnails just for the sake of clicks. Many stars have been insulted due to this mafia. But then, no star is able to rein the mafia and everyone continues to suffer.

But then, Samantha had shown the industry that it is possible to rein. After a mudslinging campaign on her, Samantha approached the court against a few YouTube Channels and an analysts. She got a favorable judgment and got the miscreants on their knees.

As a result of this action, YouTube has become a better place at least for Samantha. The negative campaign against her after the divorce has stopped for now. The actress has shown the way to the remaining stars how to deal with this mafia.

Meanwhile, the issue would have been solved permanently if Samantha has approached an higher court seeking a hefty compensation for defamation. But then, the actress had become content with Kukatpally court asking to remove the objectionable content.