Samantha Goes Court Over YouTube Channels And An AnalystSamantha who has recently divorced Naga Chaitanya is getting so much traction from the media. Even the slightest movement of the actress is attracting so much media glare. Meanwhile, some YouTube Channels are resorting to the worst possible Rumour mongering on the actress.

After being silent for some days, the actress has decided that it is enough. The actress has filed a defamation suit against three YouTube channels in Kukatpally court for defaming her on social media. Suman TV, Telugu Popular TV, Top Telugu TV are the YouTube Channels.

A case has been filed on Dr. CL Venkat Rao as well. He is behind many insulting rumors on the actress undergoing multiple abortions, refusing to get pregnant, opting for surrogacy, etc. High Court lawyer Balaji will present the arguments on behalf of Samantha shortly.

The menace of YouTube Channels is becoming too much to the industry. These Channels go abated in rumor-mongering for Views. They are also notorious for keeping Thumbnails not related to the content inside to make the audience click. Samantha is the first celebrity to wage a war against this unhealthy trend.