Samantha Gets Big Opportunity Thanks To This HeroSamantha has been on a signing spree. She is signing new projects left right center after kickstarting the new phase of her career following the divorce announcement. She recently announced her maiden international film, Arrangements Of Love.

But as per reports, Samantha wasn’t always in pole position to sing Arrangements Of Love. The producer of the project, Sunitha Thati was skeptical about approaching Samantha for the project. But thanks to Rana’s intervention, Sunitha got in touch with Samantha and narrated the story.

Reportedly, Rana assured Sunitha that Samantha might be interested in signing the project and all she had to do was narrate the story to the latter. Upon Rana’s inputs, Sunitha took the script to Samantha, which the latter happened to like, and came on board.

Well, as it appears, Samantha has bagged the big opportunity thanks to Rana. It is known that Rana shares a good rapport with Samantha for a long time now and it is only natural that he helped set up a project for the star actress