Samantha Divorce: Father & Son's Intelligent Game?Chay Akkineni and Samantha were the hottest couple in town but not anymore as they ended their four-year-old marriage just four days before their fourth anniversary. Even though the Telugu media gave privacy and did not pressure them much, the Hindi media has not left them alone.

Time and again, they have been asking the father and son continuous questions about the divorce. Taking this as an advantage, both Nag and Chay have played a very clever game and opened up in a mature manner.

They are happily replying to all the questions posed on Chay’s divorce. Whatever they thought and how they dealt with is coming out to the Telugu press only through Hindi portals, Hindi YouTube interviews like Film Companion, and other stuff.

The Tollywood media is left with reporting nothing but what they have said there. One can understand, it is an ego and prestige issue for father and son to talk about it to the Telugu press as they don’t know what kind of questions they would get to answer.

In fact, Nag got mad and started yelling at his staff when a Telugu media person asked Naga Chaitanya about his divorce during Bangarraju press interaction.

In a way, Nag and Chay are making it clear that local media is not mature enough to talk about the divorce issue but the Bollywood media is quite big and there is an aura and good will when they speak about such issues.