Divorce: A Lucky Charm For Naga Chaitanya?Naga Chaitanya and Samantha‘s divorce is one of the buzzing topics last year and it continues to be in the new year as well. We do not know what had led to the divorce but many easily blame Samantha for the breakup. Meanwhile, Akkineni fans are using harsh words like ‘Shani Vadilindhi’ and ‘Peeda Poindhi’ for Samantha.

The context is that they feel Bangarraju is another hit for Naga Chaitanya and with that the actor will complete a hattrick of hits – Majili, Love Story, and Bangarraju. It is too early to talk about Bangarraju’s fortunes but they believe it to be a hit.

But then, it is too harsh to blame Samantha especially because Majili is a hit when they are together and also, Samantha is the heroine in the movie. The actress played a good part in the movie success. But Akkineni fans conveniently forgot it.

It’s better fans move on from the issue and stop blaming anyone. It was a collective decision at least for us and it’s better to keep it that way.