Samantha Called 'Divorced Second Hand Item'Ever since announcing separation, Samantha has been subject to an enormous amount of social media hate. The whole development did take a toll on Samantha, but she is a changed person now and has found a way to cope with the social media hate.

Now, for the first time, Samantha has replied to a social media comment pertaining to her divorce saga and she has a calm and subtle answer to the same.

“Samantha is a divorced ruined second hand item who has 50 crores tax free money robbed from a gentleman!,” a netizen tweeted and tagged Samantha in this post.

In response, Samantha wrote, “Kamarali Dukandar(his name) God bless your soul (sic).” Samantha’s sensible reply to this derogatory and insulting troll is a class act, opine her followers.

Samantha is now fully focused on the second phase of her career. She is more open to bold roles now and is even ready to take up more OTT projects. She is raring to showcase a new facet of herself.