Samantha Avoids Serious Talk About Divorce!Samantha had been speaking about the ChaySam divorce saga more often than not. But most of these comments have been in an indirect tone. She had been saying that getting over the breakup was really hard and it took a toll on her mentally.

Cut to now, Samantha took part in Karan Johar’s blockbuster talk show Koffee With Karan. Many expected that Sam would open up about the failed marriage and divorce saga on the show.

But in the recently released promo of Samantha’s episode, she is seen avoiding serious talk about divorce. When Karan asks her about her marriage, Samantha is quick to reply “You are the reason behind unhappy marriages.”

Samantha is seen diverting the topic soon after Karan brings it up. She is evidently trying not to open up about the much-talked-about topic.

In the promo, Akshay Kumar is seen carrying Samantha on his arms and the actress replies “I can’t complain about it”. Sam is seen in a fun mood all through the promo.