Samantha-AkkineniSamantha has style and it’s not limited to just her on-screen presence but also the off-screen attitude. She is the only married actress in Telugu who is still on the top and getting to romance with other heroes.

She was continuously troubled with one question after her marriage and that is, “When will your kid come?” You Know that Sam isn’t a lady who would leave the folks who keep on asking about her kids just because she is married.

She was quite cool and gave a killer answer, “For all those of you who are really interested in the functioning of my body, I’m gonna tell you. I’m having my baby on the 7th of August at 7 a.m. in 2022. What do you think about her killer reply?

There is style in the way she reacted, right? Sam is one of those actresses who has been enjoying the limelight as a successful actress and the only thing that bothers others is her personal life. That’s why she knew how to shut the menace makers with such tight replies. Qudos, lady!