Samantha-AkkineniWe are going to watch Samantha breaking rules verys oon in the second season Hindi successful web series Family Man. Though Samantha didn’t give away the details of what rules she would be breaking through this show, she says it would be a surprise for us.

Samantha, the number one heroine of Telugu Film Industry has been creating noise on digital platforms with her special appearance on Bigg Boss show as a host for a weekend and her own talk show ‘Sam Jam’ on Aha OTT platform.

So, ‘Family Man’ is yet another show for Samantha on digital platforms and when she said she would be breaking rules, people are expecting an unconventional role. She has a girl-next-door image mostly seen playing roles that cater to the tastes of family audiences.

Maybe, something like a character with negative shades for Samantha alongside critically acclaimed actor Manoj Bajpai. It’s just a wild guess and we know, OTT platforms have such variety when it comes to giving scope for actresses.