Samantha-Akkineni--Introduced-an-Idiot-to-The-WorldA troll who made fun of Chinmayi and the collaboration of the three ladies Samantha, Chinmayi and director Nandini Reddy for ‘Oh! Baby’ was almost diminished to nothing by Samantha with her epic reply.

After the ban on her by the Dubbing Artists Association was lifted, the first work Chinmayi has got in Tamil was in ‘Oh!Baby’. So, she thanked her friends for that saying her thanks was for the women folk who make life better for other women.

A troll said that the movie would be a flop as the feminists were all together. Samantha simply introduced him to the world as an idiot and also introduced that idiot to the world. That was truly a blast.

When we go through tough times, it’s the people who stay with us, are the ones who matter the most. For singer cum dubbing artist, it’s Samantha Akkineni and her friendship that stayed back during troubled waters. Now, Sam proved it again.