Samantha-Akkineni's-Heartwarming-Message-About-HerMother’s Day is special for every child who knows the value of mother and the sacrifices she must have made while bringing up her child. Samantha Akkineni’s Mother’s Day share is quite touching and tells us how she feels about her, truly.

In her heartwarming message along with her mother’s pic with hands folded while praying, Sam said that she believed there was magic in her mother’s prayers, and she always thought that her mother’s prayers are going to fix it for her.

She also reminds herself that her mother never prayed for herself, and therefore, truly only second to God. That explains how Samantha keeps her mother on the altar of her soul. It was a really affectionate message that Sam shared, this day. It’s gratifying!

Who wouldn’t agree with what she said about a mother? Though she was talking about her mother, the message applies to all those caring mothers across the world for whom their children mean the world. Happy Mother’s Day, folks!