Samantha Akkineni - Sharwanand-Sharwanand has been excellent at emoting in scenes that require certain depth and when it comes to expressing love and pain, he kind of mastered the art as his entire body emotes as if he is a true lover not acting for the sake of his character.

So, he must be a fabulous lover in real life. What about his own love stories? Did Sharwa fall in love or at least, have an affair? While acting with Sharwa, Samantha who is playing his childhood love in ‘Jaanu’ actually googled him for his linkups.

He has been in the industry for so long and Sam thought that there might be something about him, at least, a rumour about his linkup with someone. But, she found nothing.

In a recent promotional interview for ‘Jaan’, Sam confirmed that Sharwa indeed has no love stories of his own, and he is a clean guy though he gives intense performances in love-oriented films like ‘Jaanu’.

Sharwa was enjoying the entire talk about his linkups and said he would marry a girl like Samantha in ‘Majili’. A girl who wouldn’t say anything and accept whatever he does like Sam’s role in ‘Majili’.