One thing is confirmed. If Samata does something, it will become news. If she doesn’t do anything, then it will definitely become breaking news. That is the popularity of Samanta these days. Whenever Samanta decides to go on a vacation abroad, rumour mills get a lot of stuff to circulate and feast on specially cooked up hot hot gossips. Most of the time it was her skin which was targetted whenever she went on a vacation. It was rumoured since long that pretty Samanta is suffering from some undisclosed skin problem. Her skin is so sensitive that any over exposure to sun or some allergins, makes her develop rashes on her face and spoils her face beauty. Hence she secretly goes on vacation to get her ailment treated. No one knows the truth behind this rumour for sure.

This time, gossip mongers somehow gave respite to her skin and are targetting her nose. As per the rumours doing rounds these days, Samanta is planning a vacation to get her nose structured to have a well chiselled nose. According to such rumours, she already once got her nose undergo under knife and she is once again going to London for the final sitting. Whether or not such rumours are true, Samanta by default gets into news one way or the other.