Tollywood top heroine Samanta and chocolate boy Siddharth are said to be in an alleged relationship. Ofcourse one should agree that it their personal thing and if they wanna hide their relationship, nobody should have any qualms regarding that. When their personal equations start clashing with professional equations then arise the problems. Before Siddu happened to Samanta, she never was in controversies. In fact she had a clean image. After the duo paired up for the first time for ‘Jabardast’, gradually Samanta started to become more and more like an enigma.

After the debacle of ‘Something Something’ in Telugu which went on to become a superhit in Tamil, Siddu’s comments on Telugu audience angered Tollywood and since then an unofficial ban is looming on the head of the actor in TFI. He branded the Telugu audience as tasteless and they only receive mass masala movies of big heroes and love stories well. Till then, Samanta who was a little meek and always minded her own business started giving her opinions in such a way, which led to controversies.

Recently Samanta expressed her confidence on Telugu audience and on ‘Rabhasa’ and her anxiety on her Tamil release ‘Anjaan’. Sammy skipping the audio launch of Anjaan, her confidence on her Telugu movie and doubting the Tamil movie angered Tamil audience. This she did when Siddu was angry on the makers of his Tamil film ‘Jigarthanda’. One can easily connect Siddu’s anger reflecting in Sammy’s displeasure. But once Siddu’s film was released and has garnered positive and success talk, she changed her cards.

In an interview to a Tamil TV channel, allegedly Sammy imitated the same words mouthed by Siddu on Telugu audiences taste. Her big Tamil movie ‘Anjaan’ is going to be released on 15th August. By Samanta’s previous behaviour and her controversies it is easy to draw conclusions that her opinion on Telugu or Tamil audiences depends on the success of the movie. Siddu and Samanta’s personality clash is costing too much for the cine folks in both the industries. How long would the audience take this?