It’s like playing the tape again and again to the extent of boring someone when someone says Samanta is the top heroine in Tollywood. But in Kollywood she is a flop heroine. Till date she has no decent hit in her mother tongue Tamil. When a big film ‘Anjaan’ with a star hero like Surya came her way, it’s time she proved herself in Kollywood otherwise she would have to survive with the flop tag. And to woo Tamil thambis is no easy task because their tastes are different from Telugu audience. Though Tamilians like experimental movies, they even like typical pot boilers with lot of glamour and mass elements. Especially the heroines should be a little bit on weightier side to cater to the tastes of Kollywood audiences.

If one connects this logic to ‘Alludu Seenu’, it is apparent that she used Sai Srinivas’ film for acid test. Acid test for what? It’s simple. Samanta was seen in a glamorous avatar for the first time in Alludu Seenu, with lot of skin show in skimpy outfits. But what made the skin show seem meatier is her voloptuous look. It is apparent that she has gained a few kilos to get that fuller look. Though Samanta didn’t have a substancial role in the film, there are repeat audience to Seenu’s film because of Samanta’s glamour. She came out victorious in the acid test she did on herself. Sammy continued the same look for Surya’s ‘Anjaan’ to woo the Tamil audience with her glamour. Very clever indeed! Still Sammy is very anxious on the outcome of her big Tamil film.