It has become something like a tradition that Samanta heaps accolades of praises for some selected persons. These days she is all praise for her good friend Neeraja Kona, her stylist who is responsible for Sammy’s latest fashion conscious behaviour. Good or bad, Sammy is found sharing with Neeraja Kona on social networking sites making clear to everyone how close is the designer to her.

But what happened to Chinmayi Sripada, the singer cum dubbing actress who actually made Samanta win the craze she got in Tollywood. Chinmayi’s typical voice has actually become the USP of the actress. A plum share of Samanta’s success in Tollywood goes to Chinmayi. However, Chinmayi is completely forgotten and she didn’t even get a birthday wish from Samanta on 10th September. Well, that is unlike Samanta who takes every occasion to say something good about the persons involved with her.