Here in South Film Industry, only the successful films of the stars speak not their hot photo shoots or special albums. Film makers go by the number of hits an actor has delivered and not by how hot she or he looked in a particular photo shoot. That is why our heroines especially down South, don’t concentrate on doing photo shoots and they want their films to speak on their behalf.

But once our actresses star thinking of migrating to Bollywood, then they actually concentrate on doing hot photo shoots to attract the attention of the film makers in B’Town. Tamanna, Tapsee, Ileana and many others followed the same route when the thought of pursuing Bollywood career crossed their minds. It is necessary even for top heroines like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and others to have a refreshing hot photo shoot displaying their assets to show to the film makers that they are still in good form and very hot.

The hot photos of Samanta which appeared on JFW (Just For Women) English magazine left the South audience awestruck. They haven’t yet come out of Sammy’s bikini treat hangover in ‘Anjaan’. The magazine even crowned her ‘The New Glamour Goddess’ and praised Sammy’s plain hearted revelations and expression. While this is a big praise for Samanta, many see it as the first step of Samanta towards Bollywood. What do you think guys? Sammy, who seems to be in a philosophical mindset these days, is heading towards Hindi Cinema?